20 June 2013

Latest Events: Weekly digest 17

Here is the weekly digest for Latest Events (Conference, Workshop, etc):

Latest Events

Course: Ecology and Evolution of Arachnids

Hello all,

Below is a brief description of the Organization for Tropical Studies' Ecology and Evolution of Arachnids, an upcoming graduate-level specialty course which will be taught in Costa Rica from January 3-17, 2014. The course is worth 2 graduate academic credits transferable to all institutions within the Organization for Tropical Studies consortium, which includes over 50 universities in ...

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First Management and Engineering Congress, Singapore

On August 15 and 16, 2013, the Center for Applied Social Science Research (CASSR), is hosting the First Management and Engineering Congress, Singapore. The Congress is designed to focus on the challenges and trends in field of Engineering and Management. This congress is imperative for professionals and academicians alike because of its current relevance. The research that is being presented ...

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