01 July 2013

Career News and Articles: Weekly digest 28

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Career news & articles

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco hail US immigration bill

CEOs representing top American technology companies including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Cisco has hailed the passage of the comprehensive immigration reform bill by US Senate, arguing that this would give a big oost to the economic growth and attract high skilled workers.

"In passing this legislation on a strong bipartisan basis, the Senate broke the logjam on immigration and ...

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Iimmigration bill to reduce deficit by $175 bn in 10 years

The US immigration bill, which is awaiting passage by the Senate, will reduce the American budgetary deficit by USD 175 billion in 10 years, an independent Congressional report has said. The Congressional Budget Office, in its report, said the bill, if passed by the Congress in its present form and signed into a law, will save USD 197 billion in ...

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US Senate passes landmark immigration bill

Washington: The United States Senate has passed the landmark comprehensive immigration reform bill that will provide a pathway to citizenship to some 11 million illegal immigrants, including over 240,000 Indians.

The landmark legislation of the Obama administration received bipartisan support as it passed Thursday with 88 votes for and 32 votes against it. The bill now moves to the ...

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Clinical Genomics for Cancer Management, 23-24 Sept 2013, Boston, USA

Clinical Genomics for Cancer Management
23rd to 24th September 2013
Boston, United States of America


Determining Genetically Compatible Therapies to Guide Patient Treatment

Join us for a look at novel diagnostic tools and techniques, evaluate their benefit to patient outcome, and focus on steps to ...

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